Primary Software Packages:

The SoCo Systems Remote Support Client is the heart of our online support suite. A small application is installed on the client computer which allows our team of specialists to maintain, troubleshoot, and repair systems without the need for an on-site visit. Through this suite we are also able to offer one on one training for home users and employees, saving our clients valuable time.

BKRestore BKRestore is the SoCo Systems Backup and Restore suite. This application creates a backup of the users data such as music, pictures, favorites, documents, and the application settings. BKRestore allows for a one click transition from one computer to another without losing any user data.

AutoInstMGRThe SoCo Systems Automated Installation Manager, also known as "DiscBuilder", creates a one click installation disk that can be used to install Windows, drivers, network settings, user data backups, and a variety of the latest software. There is no longer a need to have employees or home users step through complicated menus screen by screen, all of the options are set automatically.

Live Support

The SoCo Systems Support Center is available 24/7

Our support center includes the latest software downloads, troublshooting tips, news articles, and other self help documents. Users in need of assistance can chat online with a representative or create a trouble ticket.

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*Live support is available to registered clients 24 hours a day.. Normal business hours apply for guests *