We make technology work for you!

Technology has come a long way since the days of the typewriter. But far too often people are forced to spend more time learning and troubleshooting than they do accomplishing their tasks. SoCo Systems puts an end to that.

Overview of our services:

Business/Corporate I.T. Services

Emerging technologies require more and more specialists than ever. Gone are the days when "the computer guy" could handle everything alone, and maintaining a fully staffed I.T. department can skyrocket a business' operating costs.

Much more than just contract labor, SoCo Systems business services are designed to completely replace your existing I.T. Department, saving you time and money, while putting a team of specialist from every field at your disposal.

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Home User Services

When a home user needs technology help, they often find themselves at the mercy of the local big box store. Unfortunately this typically means sub-par service from untrained workers, long wait times, pre-scripted answers, exorbant pricing, and plenty of "extra" fees to get the job done. .

SoCo Systems home services put a team of highly trained specialists at your disposal, at prices far below the competition. From email setup to home theater, we handle everything.

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Latest Client Comments

Absolutely amazing service

SoCo Systems saved our company a ton of money on our IT budget, and our employees are happier now than they were with our in-house department!


Best Buy wanted an arm and a leg to fix my laptop, 10 days to do it, and I was going to lose all of my music in the process. You guys fixed it in 2 days for less than half the price, and all of my music is still there. Thank you so much!

Olympics in HD

Upgrading our TV was getting to be very confusing. So many remotes, different setups, and conflicting information. Our SoCo rep explained everything in a way that made sense, helped us pick the perfect gear, installed it all, and even took the time to make sure WE knew how to use it. And all below our original budget. My wife and I couldn't be happier with our new "home theater", and we can't wait to see the Olympics in HD.

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